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We are now closer than you think...
Str8six are now in Nottinghamshire to!
Please check the news section for full details.

Our current TVR Stocklist

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Sagaris 4.0 - 2005/55

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Chimaera 4.0 - 2000

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Sagaris 4.0 - 2007

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T350t 4.3 Red Rose/Lightweight - 2004

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Griffth 500 - 1994

If you have a TVR, or are thinking of buying one, please call us

100% Dedication to service & customer loyalty...

Whether you own a 1960’s Vixen or the very latest Sagaris, you can be confident our professional and friendly staff with their extensive knowledge and experience will provide a service to exceed your expectations. At Str8six we are passionate about TVRs, as we know what fantastic cars they can be when looked after properly. In our mind, there is nothing else that even comes close. With a proven track record, over many years, Str8six has become one of the top TVR specialists in the UK. We provide services including bespoke engine building, car sales, chassis repairs, servicing & race preparation to name but a few! Our complete attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none.

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From concept to track

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Read all about our Tuscan 430 Race Car….
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Have you watched our videos?

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Winter project number 6, the ex Martin Short Rollcentre Tuscan R. Chassis no. 002 of only 7 with an enviable provenance. Undergoing full reinstatement to original GT race spec. It’s now in its final build over the winter and coming to a track near you in 2015. Check out the news section or racing page for dates and venues.
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t: 01844 352735 m: 07834 739307
e: sales@str8six.co.uk

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