Tuscan Speed 6 @ Spa 2016

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After washed out weather conditions and a marshall who thought the pit window had closed, we started race 2 in 49th place. Eventually climbed to 17th and 2nd in class. The race was 40 mins and here are a few highlights.

Daytona Classic 24 Hour

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We did it, all the way to the end. Fantastic team effort and really proud of everyone involved. 5 days of testing, qualifying and racing, 600 miles at racing speeds, 12th overall and 4th in class, 172 mph top speed over the start finish line, 4x melted engine mounts and no other failures TVR renowned reliability!!

A Day Racing

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TVR Classic racing at Silverstone. Our first race weekend on road tyres!! after 10 laps the car was a real handful. Video courtesy of Marc Princivalle

Steve Sutcliffe - drives our Cerbera 4.5

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Steve Sutcliffe drives our TVR Cerbera 4.5 and the Chrysler Viper GTS.

The Tuscan 430 fine tuning @ 8200 rpm

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Final mapping and power run to 8200 rpm with John Ravenscroft just after the car was completed.

Our LS Vulcan V8 - Final setup

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Final road test before handing over the keys to its new owner

Brand Hatch Race 1 2014 DTEC. Tuscan Sp6

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Race 1 - Dunlop TVR Challenge at Brands Hatch June 2014. Only 13 minutes as the camera shuts down as the cabin temperature gets too hot.

Anglesey Race 4 2014 DTEC. Tuscan Sp6

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Some rear facing footage from the Speed Six Tuscan in the TVR Challenge at Anglesey on 9th August 2014.

Our Supercharged Sagaris

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A quick clip from the rear of the Supercharged Sagaris a couple of years ago before final mapping. The scream from the exhaust when the charger is on full blow sums the car up beautifully.

More videos to follow soon!