Str8six offers a full menu of fixed price servicing for all TVR's. Our aim is to offer real value for money. Every service comes with a health check covering every aspect of the car, as well as the full range of lubrication operations, mechanical checks and tuning of the engine, all to the original service schedules.

A typical Tuscan or Sagaris 12,000 mile service would consist of a thorough 110 point inspection where all areas of the vehicle are looked at in detail. The brake pads are removed, cleaned and inspected before the backing plates are greased and refitted.

Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel filter, Spark Plugs, Engine Oil, Gearbox Oil, Diff Oil, Brake Fluid and Clutch Fluid are all replaced.

The valve clearances are then checked and adjusted. The engine is then setup and tuned on the latest TVR diagnostic equipment.

If you want to ensure the best handling and response from your TVR, we can address your car's steering and suspension geometry using our full 4 wheel Optiline alignment system. This procedure costs £180 + VAT, unless carried out in conjunction with a 6,000 mile or 12,000 mile service, when it costs just £130 + VAT.

You will be informed of any other work that may be required whereby you are welcome to come along and have everything explained in detail.

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Griff/Chim - 6,000 miles - £425
Griff/Chim - 12,000 miles - £565

Speed Six - 6,000 miles - £475
Speed Six - 12,000 miles - £785
(inc valve clearances)

Cerbera V8 - 6,000 miles - £675
Cerbera V8 - 12,000 miles - £1100
(inc valve clearance check) Adjustment extra

Our hourly rate is £85 per hour.

All prices quoted are plus VAT

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